What is air roasting?

Traditionally, coffee is roasted in a heated drum that agitates the raw coffee beans to cook as evenly as possible. Air roasting is a process that differs in a few ways. The first major way it differs is how it heats the beans. Like the name suggests, air roasting uses hot air to roast the beans. The hot air is forced through a glass cylinder that houses the beans and heats all of the surfaces of the beans simultaneously. This allows for a more consistent roast every time. The other major difference is the flavor. This is largely in part to what is called chafe.


What is chafe?

Chafe is a small layer of skin that is on the raw coffee beans. As the beans roast, it peels off as it cooks. When you roast the chafe with the beans, there is a higher probability of burning the chafe which can create a smokier (and sometimes burnt) flavor profile. Using air roasting there is a mechanism built in to remove the chafe while cooking, effective eliminating that burnt chafe flavor you sometimes get with traditional coffee production. That mechanism is not present in traditional roasting methods. Removing the chafe allows for more of the natural coffee flavors to shine, in turn creating what we believe to be a better tasting cup of coffee.

Why Air Roasting?

While not new, air roasting is a coffee roasting method that it is relatively unknown. Globally, only about 1% of coffee production is air roasted. Since it is a rarer coffee roasting method that provides what we believe to be a better tasting cup of coffee, we chose this method to roast our coffee in to share with you. There are other benefits that we saw using the air roasting method as well. We found that it is easier to run a green operation. Since most traditional coffee roasting machines are gas/oil powered, we were able to find electric powered air roasters. We believe that our planet important, and as such we want to help the longevity of it in any way we can. The last major reason we chose to roast our coffee using the air roasting method is that we find it to be a faster roasting process that allows for more control over the outcome of our coffee. So we can bring you the coffee you love more efficiently.