About Us

Who are In Focus Coffee Roasters: 

At In Focus Coffee Roasters, we believe that coffee should mean more to you than just your daily "pick me up". We are small, local air roasters, where we believe that hot air creates better coffee.

We believe in a concept that we call PUFF. Purpose, Uniqueness, Freedom, and Focus. Each and every batch of coffee we air roast embodies that concept.


Each bag has a purpose, whether that’s who we source our beans from, the method we choose to roast in, the care we take in packaging every bag, and what happens to it once it reaches your hands. Coffee can, and should, bring a community together. While not trying to reinvent the wheel, we believe that we can create a community around the coffee we roast and hope you’ll be part of it.


We believe that each and every cup of coffee is unique. Much like the human condition is unique, so are the various ways people brew and enjoy their coffee Because of that, we strive to roast our coffee in that same tradition. We chose the air roasting method because it is a new and exciting way to roast coffee that brings out more of the coffee flavors we’ve come to love. With other traditional methods, you taste more of the roaster and less of the bean. Using the air roasting method, there are less variables in the consistency of the coffee because airflow touches every surface of the bean simultaneously while traditional drum roasting has hot surfaces that cooks less consistently. 


We give our customers the freedom to choose better coffee and the information needed to make an informed decision in who you buy from. We feel that over the years certain misconceptions around coffee keep people from truly experiencing a great cup, and we aim to change that by roasting the best coffee we know how, and showing you different avenues to try to get that perfect cup. While different, we believe that if you try our coffee with an open mind, you’ll experience a side of coffee you may not have known existed.


We strive to broaden the purpose of coffee for people. We want people to be conscious of what they ingest, where they get it from, and the sustainability of it all. We want to offer unique coffees and a unique roasting style that isn’t offered everywhere. We want to empower people to have the freedom that comes along with who they shop with and what their hard earned money goes to. Because coffee should be more than something you forget. We want people to focus on the things that matter most to them in life. And we want to be there along the way.



Meet the Team: 

Jacob LaCross, Co-Owner

Jake is a long time coffee lover who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When Jake was 16 he fell in love with coffee and his dream has been to start a successful coffee company ever since. Jake has a deep understanding of the roasting process, many brewing methods, and most aspects of coffee as a whole. He's happy to share his knowledge to help people enjoy the amazing world of coffee. 

Contact me at: jake@infocuscoffeeroasters.com


Ruzzel Zullo, Co-Owner

Ruzzel Zullo, born on January 27th, 1989, has been a long time lover of coffee. While having many interests, many involving photography and movie production in various forms, one constant has always been the same - a good cup of coffee. It was only natural for him to pursue a career in coffee production. Always friendly, and ever kind, he is always happy to share stories over a good cup of Joe.

Contact me at: ruzzel@infocuscoffeeroasters.com